Do You Qualify for a Disability Rating Increase?

Have Your Disability Symptoms Worsened?

Find Out if You Could Be Getting More Benefits

We are Vets-Assisting-Vets

We are a passionate team, determined to take care of veterans and making sure you receive the disability examination and rating you deserve.

Our number one priority is providing quality service so you can make the most out of your benefits.

How We Serve

We believe veterans deserve respect, competency, and clarity when pursuing disability claims.

It's a belief at the foundation of every service we offer.

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Make Your Case With A DBQ

Whether your condition has worsened, or the VA's initial rating did not meet your expectations, submitting a Disability Benefit Questionnaire or DBQ may be your best step forward.

We can connect you with an experienced physician and develop the accurate medical evidence you need.


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Appeal With A Nexus Letter

For Veterans who have been denied service-connection for a disability within the past 5 years and already have a diagnosis, we offer a vital Nexus Letter service.

A preliminary assessment and collaboration with us simplifies the path to your legally-sound opinion letter.



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