What is a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)?

Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) are medical examination forms that are used to collect and record relevant medical information in order to evaluate the severity of a veterans' disabilities and process their disability claims.

They guide the VA to properly rate the progression of your condition, which is why it is extremely important to make sure all information is submitted accurately and with incredible attention to detail, documenting all aspects of a veteran's worsening conditions.

Thankfully, Vets-Assisting-Vets partners with a large network of private doctors with an understanding of the claims process.

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The Process:

Simple Consultation

How can we help?

Call us to schedule a quick, free consultation to discuss if our service is right for you.

Convenient Access

We'll match you with a dependable, neutral third-party medical professional in your area who will perform your examination and complete your DBQs correctly, accurately, and with attention to detail.


Reassuring Guidance

Allow us to relieve the stress caused by complex disability claim filing processes by ensuring your DBQs are completed in accordance with the VA's standards.

We'll provide you with DBQs that are ready for immediate submission to the VA.

What is a VA Nexus Letter?

A VA Nexus letter is a detailed report created by a neutral, third-party doctor that explicitly links a veteran's disability or current medical condition to one or more events that occurred during their military service.

Its purpose is to help a veteran seek service-connected compensation in opposition to the Veterans Affairs' rejection of a recently or previously submitted claim.

We work with licensed medical practitioners who have the knowledge and experience necessary to write effective Nexus letters for veterans that will help them obtain the benefits they qualify for.

     The Process:

Action Plan

After submitting your online inquiry, a Vets-Assisting-Vets associate will contact you directly for a free consultation.

During your consultation, we will...

  • Assess your prior claims.
  • Evaluate what documents we need in order to highlight your acquired disabilities.




Nexus Letter Draft

  • Drafting a Nexus Letter for your VA claim.
  • Have it reviewed by a licensed and accredited VA disability attorney.

Letter Delivery

  • Medical team sends a finalized Nexus Letter to the vet (you).
  • You submit that Nexus Letter to the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Why Work With Us?

  • Free, no-obligation consultation.
  • Nationwide network of certified medical providers with an in-depth understanding of VA claim requirements and terminology.
  • You'll receive a detailed roadmap, so you'll know every step of the process, and everything that's needed.

Vets-Assisting-Vets was created by vets, for vets, and that is exactly why you can trust us to not only understand what you're going through, but to also do everything in our power to make sure you end our program with nothing less than what you deserve.

We've got a nationwide network of certified medical providers with an in-depth understanding of VA claim requirements and terminology. With their help, we will provide you with a highly detailed Nexus letter for primary disabilities, as well as other secondary disabilities that will aid in presenting the strongest possibly case to the Veterans Affairs.